Fitness Smart Watch Review

After my watch broke I was left with no choice but to find a replacement. I was quite happy with the brand I was using to be honest but I found myself navigating towards the smart watches as they looked like they had a lot to offer at a reasonable price.

Whether you are active and looking to monitor activity and recovery rate or if you want a smart watch with all the mod cons you are at the right place. Check out my ‘Fitness Smart Watch Review’ for more info. 

Are you in a hurry, Just before you go check out this Women’s smart watch with built in Alexa voice assistant ideal for setting alarms, timers and updating shopping list. You can also receive and make calls using watch, Plus 60 active fitness modes, Step counter, Blood oxygen levels, heart BPM and recovery rate, sleep tracking, stress reduction. Interactive watch faces and so much more. 

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Please be aware watch colours may vary and are subject to change due to popular demand.

Name:  Smartwatch for Women
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Bluetooth Compatible: YES
Applications: Veryfit App
Compatible: Smartphones – Android 6.0 & above or I.O.S 9.0 and above 
Water Resistant: (IP68) Up to 1.5 Metres (does not cover sea water  & hot water)
Battery Life: Up to 8 days with full charge (2 hours charge time) 
YES (1 Year & Customer Service Support) 

Overall Rank: 9/10


  • Instant Access to Social Media Notifications
  • Change Exercise Goals
  • Dial Friends & Family Using Watch Interface
  • Receive Calls Using Watch – Built in  Mic
  • Update Alexa Shopping List  & Set Reminders
  • Customisable Watch Faces
  • Control Volume and Playback From Phone Using Watch


  • Cannot Make Voice Activated Calls Using Alexa
  • Music & Radio Playback Not Supported on Device 

How ‘Smart Watch For Women’ Works

  • Charge watch for 2 hours (using the magnetic cable) Make sure its 100% before removing cable for optimum results
  • Download the ‘VeryFit’ App 
  • Turn on Bluetooth on phone
  • Search for Device ID 
  • Open Settings and click binding successful (with device ID) and ensure connected
  • Ensure that settings are switched on for allowing access to social media and other apps (you will be prompted to do so) 

Video Review

Smart Watch Fitness

Sports Mode

I am impressed with the 60 sports modes included with the watch and what got my attention was the walking, running, dancing and hiking modes. The fitness element of the watch monitors duration, calories and heart rate.

I was actually surprised to see swimming on the list of sports modes within the watch but you can wear the watch when swimming as long as it’s not open water swimming.

The watch can be used for up to 30 mins in water that is up to 1.5m so would be ideal for swimming. I haven’t tested out this theory though but there is a years warranty on the watch and 24/7 customer support so when the opportunity arises I would definitely give it a go. 

Heart Rate Monitor

The built in heart rate monitor is useful for athletes as it helps you to gauge exercise intensity and check your recovery rate. A resting heart rate of the average adult is 60-100BPM, this can be lower for an athlete and anything between 40-60BPM is typical (although it can be lower than this)

Checking your heart rate will allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your workout and know within which fitness range you are working at. For example you might want to burn fat and this requires you to be working at 70% of your maximum heart rate. 

Health Data

Health data on the watch monitors your activity, calories burned, exercise duration, steps and each form of exercise has it’s own data. Set it to go before you do the exercise so it can differentiate between the different forms of exercise. The watch has an advanced sensor chip that monitors activity 24/7.

Just ensure that the watch strap is fitted (not too loose) so that it can pull through the information you are looking to check.

Alexa Activation Mode

I was curious how well this would work on a watch.Control music playback & volume (to your phone)using your watch which could come in useful if you are outdoors and you don’t want to get your phone out in the rain.

You are also able to check the weather and ask other questions which can come in handy and saves you typing information into Google. You can also set timers, alarms and schedules. 

One thing I know I will find useful is the Alexa Shopping list feature as it’s handy to be able to update on the move. 

 It would have been nice if it included voice calling but for the cost of the watch and it’s included functionality this is unrealistic.

If you have any issues with connection ensure that you have the latest version of the Veryfit App, log out of Amazon App and back in again and as long as your Bluetooth is connected it should reset itself.

Wellness Management 

Some other additional features caught my attention. 

Blood Oxygen Sensor 

Provides you with a percentage score. Normal levels are between 95-100% Lower levels can be an indicator of a lung problem. For Example my score came out at 97% 

(Any stats provided by the watch are an indicator if you are unsure or have any concerns please speak to your healthcare provider)

Sleep Statistics 

Monitors length and quality of sleep. The sleep is broken down into cycles ‘Deep, Light, REM and Awake’ this enables you to make any changes that might be needed to optimise your sleeping schedule. 

Breath Training

This really cool feature is for helping you to relax and de-stress. When we focus on our breathing it reduces our heart rate and lowers stress levels within the body. After spending a minute doing the training my heart rate dropped by 8BPM so it does work. 

Menstrual Cycle Reminders 

As soon as you add your current information to the watch it will automatically update and even highlights your fertile week. Personally I think its good to give you time to prepare in case of any trips or plans you have. 

Realistically, Will It Make Life Easier? 

It totally will make life easier. After a week you’ll be used to its functions and you will wonder how you ever coped without one. It’s a Fitness companion, PA and Wellness Coach all in one device.  It monitors your fitness progress, organises and schedules your appointments and gives you 24/7 health data. Oh and you can even schedule in reminders to drink water.

It’s also water resistant which is useful to know. I’ve been in situations before when my iPhone touchscreen would not work because of the wet weather. If you can just use your watch then this would solve the issue. 

Final Thoughts

It’s like anything you need to take a little time to make sure you have the settings switched on correctly but once it’s set up you get to have lots of fun playing around with the different features.

I was slightly disappointed there was no voice activated calling but in all honesty why would there be at that price. You can set the watch to ‘Do not disturb’ and it even has a Wake Gesture that does work annoyingly, ha, ha. All it leaves me to say really is that for a budget watch I would definitely recommend. 

Tell me more about Women’s smart watch with built in Alexa voice assistant you can set timers. alarms and update your shopping list. You can also receive and make calls on the watch. Plus 60 active fitness modes, Step counter, Blood oxygen levels, heart BPM and recovery rate, sleep tracking, stress reduction. Interactive watch faces and so much more. 

As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. I receive a small commission from every sale but this does not affect the price you pay. Full Disclosure

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