Quick Meditation for Beginners

Meditation under Palm Tree

Meditation is a mind and body practice that is a powerful way to evoke positive change in your life. If you have ever wondered what meditation is and what it can do for you then look no further. We will explain who it’s good for, what it’s all about and what the benefits are. This just leaves you to decide which ‘Quick Meditation for Beginners‘ you would like to try, based on your own preferences.

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Which Meditation is best?

That depends on how much time you can spare and what you want to gain from the experience. There are various different types of meditation some last 5 minutes and others could be 8 hours long.

Find a peaceful place to relax where you will not be interrupted. You will find it hard to concentrate if there are distractions.

Wear loose fitting clothing and ensure you are really comfortable.                                       

You might also want to dim the lights so that your eyes can rest without the brightness.

If you are sat upright us could use a meditation cushion. They also double up as a yoga cushion too. They are really comfy and the covers are washable so you can keep them nice and clean.

Are You Comfy?

Meditation Cushion

This Meditation Cushion comes in a range of colours. Ideal for yoga poses and sit down meditation. Cushion has a removable washable cover and is filled with buckwheat that is in harmony with nature.

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Are You Warm Enough?

Wrap up warm with a blanket or throw if needed, you will find this more cosy and relaxing. Being comfortable is of supreme importance.

Textured Lightweight Blanket

This blanket is cosy and comfy made of high quality materials and it helps to prevent damage to your mat.

The more comfortable you are the easier the meditation will penetrate your subconscious and work its magic. Finding guided meditation is easy when you know where to look. Free sites usually means adverts popping up at inconvenient times.

Streaming Meditation

Relax and zone out from the stresses of day-to-day life. Streaming meditation with full access allows you to fully immerse yourself into relaxation

Amazon Music provides access to mindfulness, relaxation, wellness, chanting, reflexology, reiki sounds as part of its subscription.

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Amazon Music provides access to mindfulness, relaxation, wellness, chanting, reflexology, reiki sounds as part of its subscription.

As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

  • Concentration Meditation – Helps to sharpen the mind.
  • Mindfulness Meditation – Paying attention to sounds, breathing and awareness to help relieve stress.
  • Awareness Meditation – Provides Mental Clarity.
  • Self-Enquiry Meditation – Creates detachment from your thoughts to silence the mind.
  • Noting Based Meditation – Noting what you observe within the mind as you meditate to keep you present.
  • Loving & Kindness Meditation – Helps to increase forgiveness and Compassion.

If you are looking for a quick meditation for beginners and for the purposes of staying as focused as possible (no experience needed) we would suggest Guided Meditation.  Make it a daily practice of self-care and healing to help you get the most out of each day.

Who Benefits from ‘Guided Meditation’

Guided Meditation is beneficial for anyone whose mind wanders as it helps you remain focused by instructing you on a series of steps or visualizations to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

You might be a busy mum or worker that needs help to decompress from the challenges of each day.

It is great for anyone who leads a busy life and who is looking for a quick way to provide emotional relief and relaxation.

If you have Mental Health concerns that affect your daily interactions, then taking a few minutes each day to meditate is just one way that you can help to reprogram your thoughts to help you feel better.

Anyone who has limited or ZERO experience with meditation can relax and enjoy the experience that unfolds.

What is Guided Meditation all about?

By retraining your brain to be fully aware and present in the moment you create stillness of the mind. The practitioner or teacher talks you through a scenario or a series of actions or visualizations and you just follow their voice in your mind and respond only according to what you hear.

As this is a quick meditation for beginners you would spend a small amount of time ranging from 7-15 mins a day meditating within a quiet environment.

Yoga Block/ Meditation Cushion

You may be guided to sit upright with legs crossed so make sure you have your meditation cushion handy. Also doubles up as a yoga block. Alternatively you can lie down comfortably with your arms by your sides. You just do whatever you feel comfortable doing. I’ve always found it beneficial to  close my eyes. This shuts out any external distractions and helps you to relax quickly. 

I would advise you to use earphones and just ensure the volume is of a low level so that you can still hear clearly at a comfortable relaxing level.

There is usually a focus on breathing in and out slowly and controlling the breath.

There is also an element of relaxing all of the muscles within the body and face as we unknowingly hold ourselves in stiff positions when we are tense in everyday life. this helps us to gain as much as we can out of the experience.

Level Up!

Guided Meditation can be great for managing stress levels and also helps to manage symptoms of Depression and Anxiety when performed regularly.

  • Less Tension – This helps you to switch off from an overactive mind & eases muscle stiffness by being aware of how you feel emotionally and physically. 
  • Better Quality Sleep – Sleeping for longer periods and feeling more restful.
  • Re-setting the Mind – A reset can release trapped negative energy the prevents us from moving forward and enjoying life.
  • Creativity Supercharge – Helping focus, clearing out brain fog that stops you from thinking clearly because of stress and worry.
  • Mental Resilience – Develop better coping strategies that enable you to feel better in yourself so that you can achieve more and feel more comfortable within your own skin.

Activate your Relaxation Response 

The brain is adaptable, and you can teach it to change.   

By devoting a minimum of 7 minutes a day to your own wellbeing you are capable of feeling immediate benefits of relaxation, calmness and stress relief.

Stop Watch

If you continue to practice meditation for 4-8 weeks by making it part of your daily routine then you can give rise to more prolonged changes to your creativity, productivity and in a nutshell your overall happiness.

You choose whether or not you practice meditation daily or if you just do it when you feel you need it most. However, if you really want to bring about a more lasting change then the more you do something the more it tends to stick. It’s worth thinking about.

Of course, if you practice other forms of self-care in conjunction with meditation practice then this will only reinforce your meditation practice and help to create more achievable longer lasting success with overcoming obstacles and creating a more balanced mind.

Meditation is a lifestyle and if you treat it like you would any other daily practice you will soon find that you are reaping the benefits. There will always be little nagging doubts that appear in our mind from time to time.

Start Meditating today, take back your power, silence those negative thoughts and release your inner goddess.

Inner Goddess