Travel Packing Checklist

Ladies Suitcase. Organised ready for travel.

The Ultimate Travel Packing Check List has been created to give you a head start with tips for solo female travellers, getting to the airport on time and some really snazzy travel ideas that are a MUST for economy travel. I’ve also thrown in a Free downloadable checklist!

Are you the kind of girl who loves to plan every last detail of their break away ?  or do you leave everything till last minute and hope for the best? either way you deserve to enjoy those beach vibes with as little stress in the lead up to your break as possible.

Are you in a hurry, just before you go I absolutely love this cabin luggage rucksack . It’s the perfect size. It has a chest buckle, anti theft zip up pocket, carry handle and it’s made of waterproof fabric. You can also carry up to a 14 inch laptop and it even has a charging port for your mobile phone, This next added extra blew my mind. It has its own shoe compartment! How cool is that?!! WOW! 

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Cabin Luggage Rucksack

Travel luggage. Cabin bag. Rucksack for laptop with charging port and shoe compartment.

As the owner of this website I have hand picked a selection of useful and inspiring product ideas that have not only received great reviews, they are also great value. I receive a small commission from every sale but this does not affect the price you pay. Full Disclosure

Prepare Your Paperwork 

You’ve booked that all important and much needed break GO You!  Now what?.. well as soon as those travel documents come through you want to start by saving them all into a folder in your email and flagging or starring them as important. Then when the time comes you can print them all out in one go. 

Read them through once or twice so you can just double check that the dates, times and airport are correct and as expected you don’t want any nasty surprises later that you weren’t aware of because you didn’t check.  

Printing Preparation

Documentation may vary but be sure to print everything as a back up. Better to be safe than sorry. If you don’t have a printer try the local library or ask at work. 

You will need;

  • Booking Confirmation 
  • ATOL Protection Certificate 
  • Hotel Voucher 
  • Shuttle Transfer/ Private Taxi Confirmation
  • Airport Parking Ref & Address
  • Travel Insurance 
  • Copy of passport (precaution in case of emergencies) 

Remember Reservation Reference 

It is usually required for online login details and is usually one of the most difficult things to find.

Online Login Details

It’s worth just checking what the login email is for accessing the online services. This is sometimes an allocated email that is generated by the broker or company you purchase the break through and no matter how many times you enter your own email it will NOT work. I know because this happened to me. There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to view the details of the holiday you just paid for only to be greeted by a “computer says no!” ha, ha. Write it down or highlight on your paperwork 

Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist 

Wheelie Bag 

With Priority boarding option you can take a 10kg (55x40x20cm) wheelie bag onboard along with your small bag / rucksack (40x20x25cm). This saves you having to wait for your luggage as this is considerably cheaper than paying for a hold luggage. 

I was particularly impressed with Flight Knight Lightweight Wheelie Bag. 

It is approved for use with over 100 airlines. Its a hard case that’s available in multiple colours, with a reinforced handle, telescopic handle, lined interior and 360 degree multi-dimensional wheels  for easy manoeuvrability. 

Wheelie bag. Hard Case. Unchecked on flight luggage for Airport Travel.

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Clear Airport Bags for Toiletries

Another non negotiable if you have no checked luggage is a clear, sealable bag to keep your toiletries in. The bags must be sealed and not overloaded. They hold no more than x10 100ml liquids. (This includes toothpaste, creams, liquids, lotions, mascara and lip gloss) 

Does not include solid lip stick, lip balm or face wipes.

Airport security liquid bags. Clear bags or toiletries. Travelling.

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Personal Carry on Bag 

Ryanair Airlines

This is the agreed personal luggage size and will save you paying extra baggage charges. It holds its shape and is easy to carry. The pouch as a strap means it fits over the handle of a common suitcase which makes it ideal for transporting around. It also has a carry handle and is made of water resistant fabric. Suitable for any trip away but just so happens to be designed specifically for flying with Ryan Air (which is handy)

Ryan Air - Personal Carry on Travel luggage. Fits under seat in front of you.

Show me the video on how this bad boy looks in action

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Passport Holder 

This sleek passport holder offers vivid colour pallet with trendy travel quotes and spacious interior for all the day to day or travel essentials. Use the light weight holder as a additional wallet or as your favourite passport protector. Equipped with various size, practical slots – This is the ultimate travel accessory for girls.

Keep your passport protected and you can even keep your cards inside too! 

Passport holder for Airport Travel with unique quote on the front.  Also holds your bank cards.

I just lurve it! 

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Digital Luggage Scales 

Digital scales are good to have so before you go away you can just check to make sure that your luggage isn’t over the allowed limits. This will prevent you getting any excess baggage charges. You just clip it under your baggage handle and lift upwards and the weight shows up on the display. 

I really like this One brand Luggage Scale with Grip it’s so easy  to use.

 – Travel Luggage Scale – Portable Digital Luggage Weight Scale – Luggage Bag Scale – Suitcase Hanging Weighing Electronic Travel Scale – 50kg 110 Pound Capacity

Digital Luggage Scales. Ideal for travel.

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2 Pin European Plug

When you arrive at your destination you’ll likely want to charge your phone and other electrical items. This 6 in one plug is ideal. You could have your phone, tablet, toothbrush charging and still be able to grab a nice refreshing shower and dry your hair. No need for multiple plugs.

This plug has six ports including 2 USB ports, 1 type C port (that charges up to 30% faster) ideal for charging phones and tablets. You also have your British plug and two 2 AC shaver ports.

6 in one 2 to 3 pin adaptor. C Port, USB and shaver ports as well as British Plug.

Ooooh tell me more about the 6 in one 2 – 3 pin plug adapter

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Getting To The Airport On Time 

Arrival & Departure Info

You’ve checked to make sure it’s right and it is PHEW!  make a note of this or take a screenshot with your phone you will need it when it comes to booking airport parking and working out travel times. 

Journey Times

Check Google Maps for the time and distance to get to the airport. However long it takes always add an extra hour plus 3 hours for check in. This way it gives you time to safely get there and allows for some delay worse case scenario. 

If you live in the centre of London or if you know that you need longer then adjust according to what you know to be right. All I’m saying is it’s better to overestimate than underestimate. 

Online Check In

I would always check in online before travelling. If you haven’t paid extra for an allocated seat on the flight then you may not be eligible to check in online early. Ryan Air free check in is within 24 hours of departure. Check with your airline provider.

Airport Parking

Airport parking usually has some lead way with the time of arrival and return. It doesn’t have to be spot on. A good time I always aim for is three hours before the flight departure. It doesn’t usually take long to drop off the car and hop on the next shuttle transfer.

Female Solo Travel Tips 

  • Always check safety guidance for the area you are travelling to (take a face mask for travelling)
  • Share travel plans with a close friend or relative so someone knows where you are going and for how long
  • Take a mobile phone and charger with you and check connectivity with your service provider before you travel to ensure you can make calls and access the internet
  • Phone your bank within 2 weeks of travel and let them know where you are travelling to and for how many days just in case they cancel your card while you are away. I’ve had this happen to me and it’s to prevent fraud. You can call them to rectify but if if this happens on a weekend you could be stuck waiting till Monday without your bank card in action. 
  • Wear a money belt under clothing to stash any cash you are planning on spending while away. Out of sight, out of mind. Don’t be a target for pick pockets and theive’s. 
  • Stay on the complex at night unless you plan arranged nights with a guide or tour company where there is organised travel. Safety first always. 
  • Be aware of how strong drinks can be abroad and make sure that you eat a decent meal before partaking. things can very quickly take a downward spiral and get out of control and this is when situations become unsafe especially in unfamiliar surroundings. Be vigilant. 
  • Have a plan for when you arrive at your destination – Check out the local area information, see where things are supermarkets, shops, chemists and hospital. 
  • Pre-book trips in advance through reputable companies like Get Your Guide  that way you can make the most of your time and not have to venture off the beaten track to find things. 

Travel Insurance

Don’t take any chances if you are travelling alone. Travel insurance is a MUST. If you ever find yourself needing medical treatment you don’t want to be left with a costly bill, worse still one you can’t afford to pay. Travel Supermarket  provide great rates doing a price comparison. 

Travelling Made Easy

Being organised is a great feeling and has many perks. It’s great to have everything you need and know where everything is. When you arrive at your destination you can quickly start feeling a sense of home from home. You spend less time worrying about what you forgot and more time enjoying the fabulous weather and great views. 

Please leave a comment if you found his useful. I’d love to hear from you.. 

Have an amazing time away! 


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  1. shadab says:

    This blog post is an absolute gem! The comprehensive and detailed travel checklist you’ve provided is a lifesaver for any avid traveler. Your attention to every minute detail showcases your expertise and passion for exploration. The excitement and anticipation that surge through your words are contagious, urging readers to embark on their own unforgettable adventures. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime; grab that checklist and embark on a journey that will ignite your soul and leave you breathless with wonder!

    • Caroline says:

      Hi Shadab, Thank you so much for your comment. I am very passionate about travel and wanted to share with other people the things that have helped me. All of my articles are based around a holistic approach to happiness so whether it’s travel or other lifestyle ideas you are looking for you have come to the right place. Hope you have a lovely rest of the week. Caroline 😊🫶🏻

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