Why Camping is Good For You

Camping in nature. Why camping is good for you.

Camping is awesome and so we want to share with you how to get the most out of your camping experience . We have included a camping checklist, list of correct camping etiquette and how to build a camp fire to get you started.

Once we have covered the basics we will get to the root of why camping is good for you, explain how being out in nature benefits you and boosts your happy brain chemicals and how this can contribute to spiritual wellness.

Camping Checklist

Have a detox from social media and give camping a try. It’s a cheaper alternative to most other types of holiday but you do need to make sure you are prepared for the weather as it is unpredictable at the best of times. A great way to spend time with friends, family or alone and develop new skills.

Here are some basic items I would not want to go camping without. You can purchase any of the items by clicking on the image or the links. 

As the owner of this website I have hand picked a selection of relevant and inspiring product ideas that have not only received great reviews, they are also great value. I receive a small commission from every sale but this does not affect the price you pay. Full Disclosure

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Pop up waterproof tent for camping.

This tent is pop up and so easy to use. It has an outside water repellent making it waterproof. Plus its 3 person so plenty of room for 2 people.

It also has double layers which makes it more breathable for better air circulation. Suitable for three seasons which to be fair is more than good enough.

The double layer can also be used as a sun shield  for the beach and picnics. I absolutely love that! 

Check out how easy it was to dismantle the Saybe Tent (above)

Air Mattress & Inflator 

Double flock inflatable airbed for camping

The inflatable double mattress is flocked to improve comfort, it’s lightweight although sturdy and it’s easy to blow up. 


Foot operated air pump for an inflatable air bed for camping.

This foot operated air pump is ideal to inflate your air bed. 

As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag with built in pillow and hood. Ideal for camping.

This is a sleeping bag and pillow in one. It has a mummy hood  with strap that you can tighten up over your head for warmth.

With a zipper by your feet for extra ventilation and an anti snag zipper and comes in other colours. These are great for keeping you extra warm.  

As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.


I used a fleece throw over the top of my sleeping bag and that was fine. Temperature was around 8 degrees over night.

It’s really about personal preference and depends how cold you get. 

Head Torch or Camping Lanterns 

Head torches and camping lanterns are good for hiking and camping. If you need to venture out during the night and there is no lighting you cant go wrong with one of these. Good for safety and just really useful.

Camping Lanterns 

Two LED Camping lanterns.
camping lanterns

This set of two battery operated LED lanterns are very reasonably priced. Batteries are also included. With up to 48 hours of use.

Extremely light weight and can be carried around with you and sit comfortably within your tent and used as a night light.

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Wind Up, Solar Powered Radio with Micro USB
Wind Up, Solar Powered radio for camping with micro usb for phone charging.

I’ve gone slightly off track with the above it is a radio but it’s got great functionality and I was  impressed.

It’s an FM radio with flashlight and it even has a micro USB charging socket for your mobile, It’s wind up and solar charging. 

As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Cool Box or Bag

Cool Box /  Cool Bag

Lifewit 15L 24 Cans Insulated Picnic Lunch Bag Large Soft Cooler Bag for Outdoor/Camping/BBQ/Travel, Grey

The bags are insulated to keep food chilled while you travel.

With cool bags you may need to insert some ice packs to keep food fresher for longer.

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Camping Stove or Disposable BBQ (optional)

One Ring Camping Stove with x4 butane cannisters.
Camping Stove with Butane Gas bottles

I was happy to use a disposable BBQ but if I were to start going camping more frequently and for longer I may look to invest in a camping stove.

The one above can be used in a well ventilated area. Comes with 4 Butane Gas Cannisters. It has adjustable temperature and is sturdy enough to fit saucepans and pans on top. Stability is guaranteed.

As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Camping Etiquette

  • Be considerate of others – Keep noise volumes down after a certain time
  • Respect the natural landscape. Please be mindful to leave things how you find them.
  • Always camp on durable land – Trails and Camp Sites are ideal.
  • Avoid lighting open fires if you are wild camping you would need to use a specialist stove.
  • Respect the wildlife and try not to disturb by dismantling branches and trees close by.
  • Collect camp fire wood over a large area. Avoid taking too much from a smaller area.
  • Always dispose of rubbish properly.
  • Do not burn debris like rubbish and rocks,

How to Build A Safe Camp Fire

Always have permission from the land owner being starting a camp fire.

Camp Sites will usually state if you can or can’t build one.

  1. Find some dried leaves and grass to place at the bottom of your camp fire
  2. Add kindling – Find some small twigs and leaves that are no wider than an inch thick to place on top (all wood must be dry or it will not work)
  3. Set alight and once the fire gets going you would add larger pieces of wood to keep it going for a while.

You need to make sure that you leave at least 15 feet of space between the camp fire and sleeping area or any other flammable items to ensure safety.

Always be sure that a camp fire is totally out. Never leave unattended. It is best to let them die down naturally and then maybe pour some water over the top to ensure fully distinguished.

Why Camping Is Good For You 

Camping and being out in nature has a multitude of benefits for emotional well being. If you have been thinking about giving it a try you definitely should. 

  • Improves your mood as it gives you a greater sense of meaning and purpose.
  • Helps to improve your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Makes you feel more connected with your local community as you meet new and like minded people.
  • Emotional health and well being improves because being out in nature makes you feel happier.
  • Lowers the stress hormone cortisol which in turn reduces blood pressure and helps reduce anxiety.
  • Sharpen your cognition, working memory and attention as your brain gets a much-needed reset – Eliminate brain fog.
  • Sounds of nature are recuperative and help you heal as it activates your nervous system and tells it to relax.

Happy Brain Chemicals

Being out in nature activates three life changing ‘happy brain’ chemicals.

Endorphins – Our Pain Relievers

Walking out in nature is just one of the many things you could do to relieve stress and receive pain relief.

It only takes 30 mins of exercise to feel a difference although ideally an hour would be better as this is linked to feelings of euphoria.

Regular exercise including yoga and meditation boost endorphins.

Also, creating music and art are known to boost endorphins & this would explain a lot about most people’s love of music.

If you wanted to be really clever you could also take some high grade solid cocoa chocolate on your camping trip as this has the same effect.

Serotonin – Regulate Your Mood

When outside you naturally breathe in more fresh air. The oxygen that you breathe in increases serotonin production which helps you to feel in a good mood.
The combination of being outside, getting exercise and sunshine all give you a boost.

When sunshine enters through your retinas it signals to your brain to produce more serotonin.

You can also achieve greater levels of serotonin by taking a cold shower and eating a healthy and high fibre diet that includes nuts, poultry, eggs, milk, soy and salmon. So you know what to take as a snack and what to cook on your BBQ, lol.

Dopamine – Feel Good & Reward Yourself

Dopamine allows you to feel pleasure and also motivates you. It helps to regulate your nervous system which is why you feel less stressed and anxious.

When you try new things, when you are out in nature and when you listen to music you are rewarded with Dopamine.

Makes sense to grab your radio and bring it along with you for your camping trip.

Spiritual Wellness

From my own experience camping allows you to feel present and mindful and that’s before you even add meditation into the mix. Just sit and be still, it helps to put everything into perspective.

Being outside gives you the perfect opportunity to look up at the nights sky, whether that be the stars or the moon.

Being outside in nature means you can appreciate the sound of the birds chirping in all their glory. I experienced this and I had never experienced anything quite like it. The sounds totally filled my tent and it was quite mesmerizing to say the least. Nature became the present, It’s a truly beautiful chorus and one I would definitely advise you to experience at least once.

Bring your gratitude journal with you, focus on being really present by recording all the things you are most grateful for in that moment. Feeling gratitude is very grounding and once we begin to fully appreciate everything we have it allows room for more positivity to enter our lives.

Perform a burning ritual using your camp fire. You would need to take some paper and a pen along with you and write down anything that no longer serves your higher good. Then fold and throw into the fire as this will help you to release any negative thoughts and things that are taking up energy within your mind and heart.

By being present & mindful and truly appreciating everything you are able to unlock a higher frequency of energy within you that will make you feel amazing.

Please feel free to leave me a comment and share your own experience.

Take Care


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