The Fabulous Full Moon and Crystals

Under the cloak of darkness, when the night sky is adorned with its celestial splendor, there emerges a luminary so captivating, so enchanting, that it draws gazes skyward in awe and wonder. It is the full moon, a celestial beacon that has inspired poets, mystics, and dreamers for centuries with its ethereal glow and mysterious allure. But beyond its mesmerizing beauty lies a deeper connection—a connection with the Earth, with our souls, and with the magical realm of crystals. In this exploration, we embark on a journey into the realm of the full moon and crystals, delving into the mystical interplay between these two cosmic forces and uncovering the secrets they hold. Join us as we illuminate the night with the radiant energy of the fabulous full moon and the shimmering power of crystals.

Powerful Energy Force

The moon is at it’s most powerful during a full moon. Full moons have been said to intensify people’s emotions which is why it is good to have self awareness and be mindful of your actions during this time. 

The full moon is only visible for 2-3 nights during each ‘Full Moon’ phase and this is because of the sun illuminating the moon for all to see.

Full Moons are thought to be lucky and they are an ideal time to self reflect and manifest. During this time you can also release outdated thoughts and energies that contribute to emotional and physical stress. This is not a time to take on new projects or beginnings. 


Crystals charge when placed directly under a full moon. Some people choose to place crystals around their home others place on their body when meditating as a way of enhancing the benefits of the crystals on different chakras (energy centres.)

If you prefer you could wear a pendant on your person all the time with a wand like crystal and only take it off when you cleanse or charge. Check the properties of the crystal before getting showering with them on. Rose quartz can be immersed into water although it’s not advised to leave in water for a prolonged time.

Rose quartz is a good all rounder it opens your heart, promotes self acceptance & healing, restores harmony in relationships and attracts love & peace into your life. It encompasses the heart chakra and what could be more beneficial than love, compassion and forgiveness.

Full Moon Outdoor Adventure

Planning a night time adventure under a full moon sounds enchanting! Here are five items that could enhance your experience.

  1. Headlamp or Flashlight Even with the moonlight, having a headlamp or flashlight handy can be invaluable, especially for navigating darker areas or if the moonlight gets obscured by clouds.
  2. Camera or Smartphone Capture the magical moments of the moonlit landscape with a camera or smartphone. Full moons provide excellent opportunities for stunning night photography.
  3. Blanket or Mat Spread out a blanket or mat to sit or lie down comfortably and soak in the moonlight. It’s a peaceful way to connect with nature and enjoy the serene ambiance.
  4. Telescope or Binoculars Enhance your stargazing experience by bringing along a telescope or a good pair of binoculars. A full moon offers excellent visibility of lunar features and nearby celestial bodies.
  5. Snacks and Drinks Enjoying a night time picnic or snack under the full moon can be a delightful experience. Pack some favorite snacks and drinks to savor while basking in the moon’s glow.

At Home Full Moon Ritual

Creating a ritual under the full moon can be a deeply meaningful and spiritual experience. Here are five items to consider for such a ritual:

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Light several candles to create a sacred and atmospheric space for your ritual. You can place them in a circle around your ritual area or use them to represent the elements (earth, air, fire, water) depending on your spiritual tradition.


    Select crystals that resonate with the energy of the full moon, such as moonstone, selenite, clear quartz, or amethyst. Crystals can amplify your intentions and help you connect with the moon’s energy during your ritual.

    Incense or Sage

    Burn incense or smudge with sage to purify the space and set the intention for your ritual. The smoke can help cleanse negative energy and create a sense of clarity and focus.


    Consider offering symbolic items to the moon as a gesture of gratitude or intention. This could be flowers, herbs, fruits, or other gifts that hold personal significance or relate to the themes of your ritual.

    Journal or Paper

    Have a journal or piece of paper and pen ready to write down your intentions, reflections, or any insights that arise during the ritual. Writing can be a powerful way to anchor your thoughts and intentions, as well as track your progress over time.

      These items can help you create a sacred space and deepen your connection with the energy of the full moon during your ritual. Remember to approach your practice with sincerity, reverence, and an open heart.

      Colour Candle Guide

      Lighting a candle when meditating helps with the visualisation process. Candles are known to promote relaxation; but did you know that the colour of candles you use can also make a difference to what you are trying to manifest? 

      Monday- Saturday all have different candle colours that help promote different outcomes. It is useful to understand what you want to gain from the Full Moon Practice and the “CHOOSE YOUR CANDLE” guide below will give you some great ideas.

      Full Moon Inspirational Idea

      How about hosting a “Moonlit Poetry Night” under the full moon? Invite friends or community members to gather in a serene outdoor setting, such as a garden or park, illuminated by the moonlight. Each person can bring a piece of poetry or prose inspired by the moon to share with the group.

      Set up a cozy seating area with blankets, cushions, and perhaps some candles or lanterns to create an inviting atmosphere. Encourage participants to bring instruments if they play music, adding another layer of ambiance to the evening.

      Start the event with a brief meditation or reflection on the significance of the full moon, inviting everyone to connect with its energy and draw inspiration from its luminous presence.

      Then, take turns sharing poetry or passages that speak to the beauty, mystery, and symbolism of the moon. Encourage open discussion and reflection after each reading, allowing participants to share their thoughts, emotions, and interpretations.

      As the evening unfolds, you may find yourselves immersed in a rich tapestry of words, emotions, and shared experiences, deepening your connection with each other and with the celestial rhythms of the universe.

      After the readings, you can conclude the event with a simple ritual, such as a collective gratitude meditation or a closing circle where everyone shares a wish or intention to carry forward with them into the moon’s cycle.

      Cleansing Your Energy

      Cleaning Space – De-cluttering and tidying the space you will be using has many advantages. It will help you to relax and get your thoughts in order. Getting your physical environment in order is a priority and you will fully appreciate it when the time comes. 

      Emotional Space – We all need a bit of reset from time to time if not we can walk around with the weight of the world on our shoulders. To create the right emotional space you could focus yourself by using breathwork or meditation. Anything that helps you relax and unwind. Focusing on breathing makes you present in the moment.

      Take 10-15 minutes in a quiet space to just slow everything down, switch off the outside noise and try not to think about anything except your breathing. If you feel any areas of tension as you do this take a deep breath in and hold it for a few seconds (imagine that you breathing in healing energy and light) Then as exhale blow out all the aches and pains and any tension or stress.

      Full Moon Rituals


      Whether you chose mindfulness, transcendental or positive affirmations to repeat be sure to find something that resonates best with you. Be sure to find a quiet place without disruptions and make it ALL about you. The key to meditation is to explore what works best for you. 

      Candlelit Bath

      Enhance the lunar energies (using the chart above) and surround yourself with the energy you want to receive. If you use bath salts they are also known to remove toxins from the body. They are deeply cleansing and promote relaxation so will further enhance your experience. 

      Dancing in the moonlight

      You don’t have to be outside, although wouldn’t that be great! Let your body flow free and release any trapped energy blocks. Energy can stagnate over time and a good dance helps to reinvigorate our soul. 

      Absorb the Lunar Energies

      Take a stroll under the moonlight. Feel that amazing energy! The fullmoon will energise you and your crystals.

      Gratitude/ Manifestation Journal

      Take the time to write about the things you are grateful for. Be appreciative for all you have and this is one way to help you manifest what you truly want in life. Perfect for self care and mindfulness. Focus on manifesting more good things into your life.

      Create an Altar 

      This is so much fun to do and they really create a special space for heightened awareness and focused attention. An altar can include anything of personal, religious and spiritual meaning. you might want to use candles, incense oils and sticks, crystals and figurines. 

      Use Oracle Cards

      You don’t have to be a tarot reader to use Oracle Cards. You could treat yourself to come oracle cards and just pick out a single card that highlights the current energies. Oracle cards usually include a description that acts as a guide. Like crystals though cards need their energy cleansed to prevent negative energy build up and energy transfer.

      Making Moon Water 

      1. Get a clean empty jar with a lid that seals. 
      2. Fill with distilled water or boil water first.
      3. Place outside at night under the Full Moon
      4. Bring your jar back inside before midday the following day. 
      5. If you are looking to drink the water please keep in the fridge.

      Moon Water has a variety of different uses.

      • Make a Potion – Mix with essential oils, herbs or flower petals. Suggested essential Oils; Lavender to help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation, Bergamot Promotes mental awareness and gives you inner strength & happiness, Rose for its healing properties. 
      • Watering plants – Give them a boost of lunar magic.
      • Bathe in it (add into the bath water with optional crystals, herbs and flowers)
      • Cleansing (Use as a topical treatment on the skin to help you feel cleansed and invigorated. 
      • Drink – Only if kept in the right conditions – Best to use for making a hot drink.
      • Releasing things that do not serve you – When the full moon cycle has begun write down three things that you wish to release. fold the paper and take outside to place under the moon water jar. This is a powerful way to manifest the releasing power of the lunar energy.

      Crystal Energies 

      Crystals are formed naturally from minerals in the earths surface. This gives them their own unique composition and energy.

      A crystals energy potential changes in different temperatures and has the ability to focus and retain energy. 

      Some of my favourite crystals and their benefits are below;

      Citrine - this is a crystal that is great for abundance and creating wealth

      CITRINE – SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA – Boosts creativity and imagination, Makes you feel brighter, Manifest goals, Find your power, Attracts prosperity and wealth.

      Malachite - Dark green marbles crystal that creates healing and helps improve emotional health.

      MALACHITE – HEART CHAKRA – Makes you feel peaceful, Healing energy, heals emotional wounds, help lift depression, Helps you to express yourself, Protection from lower vibrational energies, Empowering, Positive transformation.

      Lapis Lazuli -Crystal to connect to your third eye chakra. Blue and Grey in Colour. Smooth palm stone.

      LAPIS LAZULI – THIRD EYE CHAKRA – Enhances ability to contact spirit guides, stimulates pineal gland & opens third eye, opens the gateway to truth, visionary, self mastery, insight, Intuition.

      Rose Quartz Crystal in the shape of an angel. Known for its healing and emotional peace. Improves relationships and love.

      ROSE QUARTZ – HEART CHAKRA – Emotional healing, love, peace, harmony, unconditional peace, encourages gratitude, heals the soul, promotes friendship. raise self esteem and confidence. release fears and emotional wounds.

      Clear Quartz - A Clear crystal that is known for its amplification qualities. I helps to improve focus and enhances clairvoyance and connects to the third eye.

      CLEAR QUARTZ -CROWN AND THIRD EYE CHAKRA – Amplification crystal, The most healing of all stones, helps to clear mental blocks and improve focus, Divine energy, brings the body into balance, enhances clairvoyance.

      Cleansing & Recharging Crystals 

      •  Elixirs – Moon Water can be used to charge your crystals when placed outside under the full moon. 
      • Incense – Let the smoke of the incense stick blow over the crystals to cleanse and recharge. 
      • Sound Healing – You can use various sound healing instruments that alter the vibrational frequency of all objects. singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks and drums. 

      Meditating with Crystals 

      We meditate with our chosen crystals while focusing on what we want. We can wear crystals, carry them on our person, hold them in our hand or place them in our surrounding area. Some people also place them on their energy centres and lay down to meditate. The energy centres (chakras) of the body can become underactive or overactive and when this happens it leads to different imbalances in the body that affect us in different ways as the energy is not flowing properly.

      Health Line have created a fantastic article relating to CHAKRAS if you wish learn more about these

      The Full Moon and Crystals 

      Full Moon Groovy Quote

      The Full Moon is an ideal time for anyone wanting to harness the powerful connection of the lunar energies. Full Moon rituals provide us with a nurturing and relaxing environment that enhances spiritual practice and connection.

      When choosing crystals its all about finding something that stands out to you. If you would rather look for crystals in a more intentional way that is fine too as we know they all provide an array of different benefits and we may want to be more specific.

      Spiritual practice has been known to give people a greater sense of purpose, self confidence and improved emotional state. 

      2 thoughts on “The Fabulous Full Moon and Crystals

      1. Lara says:

        I’ll be keeping a close eye for new stock of the rose quartz pendant with the sliver rose wrapped round it. I have some crystals, as well as their various healing powers, I find that when I’m feeling over sensory, overwhelmed or having a panic attack, having them in my hand really helps, even and this might sound odd but rubbing them across my lips and feeling how cool and smooth they feel, taking note with my fingers the shapes they are formed into, any edges or cracks, if I’m needing to distract myself from the urge to self harm, I find rectangle breathing and just pressing my thumb on top of the sharpish bits of my amethyst helps, it’s enough to inflict some pressure but to never harm, nor pierce my thumb. Opalite which although I know is synthetic, I always find holding up to the sunlight through the window brings me calm and happiness I just think it looks so pretty that pearlescent blueish colour. I also am one to pick up random stones off the floor if I think they look interesting or they catch my eye lol! Thank you for this article, I love the moon and it’s so fascinating how it’s phases can affect us. It also during a full moon quite often us mums will notice an increase in seizures in our dravet children and I’ve seen parents of children with other epileptic syndromes say the same. On the flip side of that if we went on to mention seizures and aromatherapy, frankincense oil has been used and in a lot of journeys I have seen and also read about during research has decreased seizure activity in the less severe types of epilepsy. *I will always advocate for anyone to continue medications unless told otherwise/have discussed at length with your child’s neurologist*.But the point I was wanting to make is that there’s is a whole world of healing (or partial healing alongside other treatments, therapies/ other things in each persons regimen), at our fingertips that we have no idea about until we delve into the world of holistic therapies, healing foods or someone brings it to our attention nowadays. Nature is powerful, and we see that in everyday news, life, tv, books, through destruction, catastrophe, disasters, illnesses, but also if we all took a little extra time to really, truly FEEL what nature can do for us mentally and physically when we are low also, and SEE how amazing the sky looks, how incredible the rain smells after a thunderstorm in the summer, notice how pretty that tree looks this week now it’s covered in blossom, and notice that now you’re smiling because of that, we would absolutely undoubtedly and perhaps for many people, for the first time r really truly feel that power. Small changes we can make to heal ourselves from the inside outwards, begin with our minds awakening to us wanting and longing to feel better. Or for myself personally that was a huge awakening for me with regards to fuelling my body in the correct way, nutrition wise, healing foods, foods that soothe the bladder for my fowlers syndrome. I’ve not long been through a huge phase of trying all sorts of supplements from piping rock to try and make myself feel better or sleep better, but ultimately I was clutching at straws! Anyway, what an absolute waffle. 😩😅 but yes, thank you for another wonderful article, and your guidance and wisdom 😌💝

        • Caroline says:

          Thank you so much for your comment. You’ve shared some really useful information relating to your own experiences and the message that you’re sending out to others is that no matter how challenging things get you can always develop coping mechanisms and get through it. Crystals are magical and the lunar cycles really do affect my energy and emotions. It’s good to have a positive focus.X 💖 thank you for sharing and appreciate you taking the time to read.

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